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What Do You Do With A Theme?

What is your favorite Elevate series theme? How do you use it in your children's ministry? Every Elevate lesson resides within a theme to add variety to your teaching, to capture a child’s imagination for Christ, and to connect several concrete examples in order to help teach the Bible Lessons.... Read more

The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Series Tips

The Great Sky Bridge Showdown is a building series that will help the children in your ministry learn about some of the greatest construction projects in the Bible in elementary and about the stories of Exodus in preschool!   In The Great Sky Bridge Showdown, children will join the foremen and... Read more

Ten Hut Series Tips

Ten Hut helps your children learn about leadership from two Biblical Heroes as preschool follows the stories of David and elementary learns to keep in step with the life of Joshua! Ten Hut Jr. (Preschool) Children ages 3-6 will fall in rank and join the Help Corps as we march through the life of... Read more

Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders Series Tips

Professor Playtime’s Christmas Shop of Wonders is a Christmas store where you can go to find the perfect gift and where it is Christmastime year-round! Follow Professor Playtime as he helps customers learn the true meaning of Christmas and experience this holiday through the eyes of the Bible... Read more

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