Radio E Jr.: 4 CD

Quick Overview

Radio E Jr.: 4 is a dynamic, creative and worshipful album written for preschool-aged children that features 16 songs from the Elevate Jr. series Allaso Ranch all the way to the Altitude series. Your families can also find Radio E Jr. music on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play.

Songs included:

  • Time To Get Started

  • Lead Me

  • Talk To You

  • Forever

  • From God

  • Great Big God

  • Open My Bible

  • Jesus Loves

  • John 3:16

  • The Right Way

  • My Hero

  • Win The Race

  • Never Give Up

  • Mary’s Song (Bonus Track)

  • Song of Moses (Bonus Track)

  • Glory to God in Highest heaven (Bonus Track)

  • Radio E Jr.: 4 CD $9.99
    Radio E Jr.: 4 CD